James Bouché

“The World Will End on ________” Ongoing body of work about medieval apocalypse manuscripts, preppers, and doomsday cults. 

“Ghosts” (Ongoing) CNC Milled Acrylic, Various Dimensions

“Family History Center” (2019) Installation inside of an Extra Space Storage about the geneological work being done by the Mormon Church inside of Granite Mountain Records Vault.

“Don’t Piss on my Leg” engraved acrylic, stainless steel piercings, chrome display rack, approx 30x24x6, 2018
“Where the Veil is Thin” adhesive vinyl on wall, dimensions variable, 2018 (video works above by Rush Jackson)

“Signs of the Times” (2018) Vinyl on Glass Mirror 18x24in.  

“The Holy Ghost Goes to Bed at Midnight” Installation at School 33 with custom wainscotting and lighting; made to feel like being alone at a church at night. 

“James” flexcrete on canvas, rubber grommet, aluminum frame, 48x54”

“Felt Memories” pressed felt, steel hardware, zippers, wood, 16x20